Purwell Primary School, Hitchin

"The class really enjoyed looking at them and were fascinated by the fact you could look at a 360 degree view. It was very easy to use on our Smart boards as you can spin the panaormas on the touch screen. We wrote quick descriptions of the Devilwood panorama. This tied in nicely with our fantasy story writing, as I am trying to get the children to use descriptive vocabulary"

"Here are some of the comments from the children:

  • I like the fact that its a real life place with lots of things to describe.
  • It allows for a lot of description.
  • It helps you imagine places more easily.
  • It feels like you are really there.
  • I like the features of turning through the image."

Hertfordshire Regional College

"I have found the Scene For Real - Out and About programme invaluable in teaching health and safety. Using various scenes, my students were able to point out health and safety issues without actually visiting these places"

(C Chapman. Department of Inclusive learning.)

Whitehill Junior School, Hitchin

After using scenes taken from Scene For Real - Out and About:

"The Children worked enthusiastically and some exceptionally descriptive writing was produced. Children who normally struggle in this area of literacy, wrote a story opener, that was exciting and expressive, their vocabulary had been inspired by the images".

(S Cooper)