Use TourDash to enhance your Google Street View Trusted

enhance your tour

With Google Street View Trusted you can invite everyone into your store as if they where there! And with TourDash you can do even more….. Let your visitors experience your store as never before. Show them your most interesting places and offer them all the information they want to know.

increase your online presence

Combining Google Street View Trusted with TourDash gives you the best business experience. Seeing is believing. Bring your store to life and show off your specialties. Your most valuable places become easily accessible for the public. Entice them to visit the real thing!

know what your customers are looking at

Not only do your visitors discover your business. Now you can learn what they are looking for! Using TourDash Analytics gives you insight in the behavior of your visitors. Which places do they go to? What items do they look at? Which products appeal to them? How many visitors is your tour receiving?

see your sales grow

Use TourDash to make your visitors customers! With TourDash you can combine the business side of your site with the fun and easy use of Google Street View Trusted. In time you’ll notice both your online and offline business results increase through the use of TourDash.

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